Welcome to Killerrobot.com
Wes' playtime website (and a way to brush up on the W3-CSS framework)


New and Now

(sadly under construction until I have more time)

If you saw the "fashion" version of this website, it was only put up in order to get back money Google Ads owed me.

Playing Saxophone

Working on my tongued arpeggios on soprano sax enough to drive my neightbors insane

Baking Bread (to use up the flour you hoarded)

Coming up with a consistent loaf with a moist interior that's ready in 90 mins

Playing Load Time Bingo

Shaving milliseconds off of pages loads to delight a broadband world



Welcome to Killerrobot

Killerrobot is the online playground of a digital marketing guy in San Jose, California.

Killerrobot is where I test out new website ideas and (to be honest) keep track of bits of information I don't want to forget: a restaurant, the name of a painting, or any of the myriad factoids normally lost.

It also allows me to share information that might be of use to others, which is what the worldwide web is all about after all.

This site has been around since 1999, and this is the seventh iteration.

There are definite compromises, the biggest one being that the site is responsive (anathema to anyone who gives a damn about design), but that's the way of the world.

I've also removed any opportunity to give feedback about the content, because this isn't that kind of site. Your opinion is important, however, so please feel free to express yourself on your own site, which nowadays a 10-year old can publish.



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