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About Me

Wes is short for Wesley, which comes from my Japanese United Methodist upbringing. Kashiwagi is Japanese and translates as "oak tree," although I'm a terminal branch on the family tree.

About this Site

I started this site in 1998 and much of the content was written around that time.

The design of the rest of the site (other than this page) is for what was the common display width at the time, 800 x 600. For comparison, the iPhone 6 has a screen resolution of
1334 × 750.

Surf at your own risk...particularly the Halloween photos.


Restaurant reviews
San Jose, San Francisco, Hyderabad, Barcelona, etc. Bringing you my unbridled, biased, and typo-ridden opinions since 1997.

Vietnamese Beef 7 Ways Dinner
Yes, we ate it all...just between the two of us. Read about all beef seven way courses. (FYI: I repeated this in January, 2009 just as good.)

Kaiseki Dinner at Hatcho Restaurant in Santa Clara
I have no idea what it is or how to eat it. See what happens to two sanseis who finally splurge on a kaiseki dinner

Living in San Jose

Spartan-Keyes Neighborhood of San Jose
I moved into the Spartan-Keyes in 2004. Spartan-Keyes is home to some of the best Vietnamese, Salvadorian, and Mexican restaurants, pho joints, sandwich shops, pupusarias, taquerias, and grocery stores in town.

My mother's side of the family is from San Jose, so we visited often in the 70s and 80s. My uncle was the gardener at the Japanese Friendship Garden for decades, so the koi there are probably around my age now.

I remember when the smog burned lines on the hillsides above Berryessa, when the Highway 101 / 280 interchange was still called "Stonehenge West" after remaining unfinished for years, and when most of the area near Kellly Park was orchard space.

I still occasionally point out vanished sites such as Frontier Village and Santa's Village (up near Scott's Valley), and parts that linger like the Dragon Train at Happy Hollow Park.

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